Cell Phone Information


Electromagnetic pollution is probably the most significant form of contamination that has been experienced this century. Because it is invisible and therefore cannot be detected without the aid of a professional meter, it goes unnoticed; however 100% of the nation is susceptible in one way or another.

Cell Phone Information

  • Talking on a mobile cell phone against the head for just 125 minutes a week can increase the probability of a brain tumour by up to 300%.
  • Can cause breakage in DNA and leakage into the Blood Brain Barrier by letting in toxins that damage brain tissue.
  • Carrying your phone in a trouser pocket whilst switched on can drastically reduce sperm count.
  • After 6 years or more use the risk of developing an acoustic neuroma increases by 50%.
  • Prolonged use increases estrogen and adrenaline levels leading to hormonal imbalances.
  • A two minute call alters a child’s brain function for up to an hour.
  • DECT phones have higher cancer risks than cell phones.

How Cell Phones Operate

These devices emit signals through radio waves that are a form of electromagnetic radiation (EMR). When your phone is switched on it is located by broadcasting a series of signals to the closest cell tower. This in turn alerts the nearest switching office and when a call is made your voice or text data is packaged on to a second radio wave that transmits the information. From the processor inside the phone the signal is converted into an analogue wave so that a voice can be heard. The antenna in your phone sends your data into space and a receiver in a nearby tower picks them up.

Damage from Cell Phones

This comes from two sources:

  1. The cell phone antenna. It extends its signal from the aerial in all directions at a distance of 6-7 inches and contains the most intense energy as it is able to penetrate deep into biological tissue.
  2. This comes from the Information Carrying Radio Wave (ICRW) which vibrates in the frequency of the hertz range and is recognised by the body as a foreign invader. The body shuts down the active transport channels in the cell membrane and as a result the nutrients required to nourish the body cannot enter the cell to repair it. This leads to the build up of free radicals and toxins within the cell that are unable to exit and this destroys the mitochondria that produce energy for the body.



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