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Sleeping with your mobile phone could cause cancer and infertility, warns health officials

People are being warned to keep their mobile phones at a distance to reduce radiation exposure and associated health risks.
The warning from the California Department of Health, comes after mounting evidence that mobile phone use could be linked to a string of health concerns including cancer, poor mental health and reproductive issues.

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While research has been unable to definitively prove that mobile phone use is dangerous, there are enough studies linking the two to warrant caution, especially among children, the Daily Mail reports.

The notice comes after several cities, including Berkeley and San Francisco, issued local warnings that people should make some distance between their phones and their bodies.

This, it says, is because of the radiofrequency (RF) energy that mobile phones use to transmit information.

While the RF from mobile phones remains at the bottom of the radiation totem poll, research has suggested that our frequent and close-range exposure to mobile phones means it could be enough to put us at risk.

In fact, smartphone manufacturers like Apple agree and even include an ‘RF exposure’ notice in the iPhone’s settings.

Here, it explains that the iPhone’s RF emissions were tested at 5mm from the body, and fall within the US standards of safety, as well as providing advice for reducing exposure like using speakerphone or hands-free accessories.

What’s more, the new California guidance notes highlight that RF may be able to penetrate the brain matter of children more easily than in adults, adding that exposure could also be more damaging and have lasting effects on the developing brain.

Previous studies have shown evidence that mobile phone exposure may cause tumours in the brain or ears, while psychologists have warned it could also be linked to poor mental health, attention and sleep in teenagers.

Other worrying research has shown strong links between RF and male sperm counts, and sperm quality.

The California guidelines also state that the irregular nature of phone signals could be to blame for these biological effects and warns against close contact when phones have two or fewer bars of signal, when moving in a car, or if you’re trying to receive or send large quantities of data.

Instead, they suggest using headsets, sleeping with your phone away from you and carrying them in a bag rather than your pocket.

Cell Phone Information


Electromagnetic pollution is probably the most significant form of contamination that has been experienced this century. Because it is invisible and therefore cannot be detected without the aid of a professional meter, it goes unnoticed; however 100% of the nation is susceptible in one way or another.

Cell Phone Information

  • Talking on a mobile cell phone against the head for just 125 minutes a week can increase the probability of a brain tumour by up to 300%.
  • Can cause breakage in DNA and leakage into the Blood Brain Barrier by letting in toxins that damage brain tissue.
  • Carrying your phone in a trouser pocket whilst switched on can drastically reduce sperm count.
  • After 6 years or more use the risk of developing an acoustic neuroma increases by 50%.
  • Prolonged use increases estrogen and adrenaline levels leading to hormonal imbalances.
  • A two minute call alters a child’s brain function for up to an hour.
  • DECT phones have higher cancer risks than cell phones.

How Cell Phones Operate

These devices emit signals through radio waves that are a form of electromagnetic radiation (EMR). When your phone is switched on it is located by broadcasting a series of signals to the closest cell tower. This in turn alerts the nearest switching office and when a call is made your voice or text data is packaged on to a second radio wave that transmits the information. From the processor inside the phone the signal is converted into an analogue wave so that a voice can be heard. The antenna in your phone sends your data into space and a receiver in a nearby tower picks them up.

Damage from Cell Phones

This comes from two sources:

  1. The cell phone antenna. It extends its signal from the aerial in all directions at a distance of 6-7 inches and contains the most intense energy as it is able to penetrate deep into biological tissue.
  2. This comes from the Information Carrying Radio Wave (ICRW) which vibrates in the frequency of the hertz range and is recognised by the body as a foreign invader. The body shuts down the active transport channels in the cell membrane and as a result the nutrients required to nourish the body cannot enter the cell to repair it. This leads to the build up of free radicals and toxins within the cell that are unable to exit and this destroys the mitochondria that produce energy for the body.



5G trialling in America and the UK

California’s Health ‘At Risk’ Due To Controversial Cell Phone Towers Bill

A new bill known as Senate 649 has now come into place in California, making it easier for telecommunications companies to rent space for ‘small cell’ transmitters. Now, 50,000 new cellular antennas will be installed on public buildings and utility poles in Californian neighbourhoods – creating a tremendous risk for public health. These cellular antennas emit radiation and electromagnetic frequencies that can be damaging for humans – even potentially promoting cancer.

EMF Is A Public Health Risk

Environmental and health organisations have pointed to research showing the links between two types of cancer and electromagnetic radiation. They prompted the American Cancer Society’s chief medical officer to note that the results “mark a paradigm shift in our understanding of radiation and cancer risk.’’

Other concerns about cell phone radiation were raised in 2015 by two Southern California firefighter unions. Concerns were raised and it was agreed to exempt all fire stations in the state from a related bill that year, streamlining the time involved for wireless telecommunications system permits.

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Many Californians are also worried about the health risks that the placement of these antennas will have, particularly on their children.

Scientists state that there is consensus in the community that wireless antennas do not expose the public to undue radiation risks and safety limits adopted by the Federal Communications Commission.

Yet at least 230 leading international electromagnetic field scientists and health experts from 41 nations have reviewed thousands of peer-reviewed and published studies on the health risks of wireless radiation exposure and all disagree.

In 2015 they issued an appeal to the United Nations and all member states encouraging the World Health Organisation to develop more protective electromagnetic field guidelines. This encouraged precautionary measures and was designed to educate the public about health risks – especially for children and those in fetal development.

Now in the UK both Surrey and Sussex Universities are trialing this new technology that has not been passed as safe. It has a much greater risk to health because of it being in closer proximity to houses and animals.

The Big Cover Up By T Mobile

T Mobile-funded study into mobile phone radiation ‘covered up’ to obfuscate profound health risks
You might be surprised to learn about what follows given the 13-year period since it should have been front page news. But with at least 5,000 studies now showing biological harm from electromagnetic radiation, this information is now more important than ever.
In 2000 – the same year the Stewart Report was commissioned by the UK Government – T-Mobile in Germany (the parent company of T-Mobile – now EE) commissioned Germany’s ECOLOG Institute (a renowned independent research institute) to review all relevant research available at that time with regard to the health risks from mobile telecommunications.
According to the article published by The Ecologist in 2007, what followed was a cover-up that would have otherwise have had investors and executives in mobile phone companies running for the hills.
The ECOLOG Institute’s review of over 220 peer-reviewed and published papers found strong indications for the cancer-initiating and cancer-promoting effects of the electromagnetic radiation produced by mobile phones. Experiments on cell cultures at power densities much lower than the present guidelines showed strong indications for geno-toxic effects from these fields, such as single- and double-stranded DNA breaks and damage to chromosomes. The findings also revealed influences on cell transformation, cell growth promotion and cell communication and carcinogenic potentials, as well as teratogenic effects (birth deformities) and loss of fertility in animal studies. Disruptions to other cellular processes, like the synthesis of proteins and the control of cell functions by enzymes, were also found.
Experiments on humans as well as animals showed harmful effects on the central nervous system, which ranged from neuro-chemical effects to modifications of the brain potentials and impairment of certain brain functions. Loss of memory and cognitive function, for example, were demonstrated in animal experiments. From experiments with human subjects who volunteered to be exposed to mobile phone radiation, clear evidence for influences on certain cognitive functions were shown.
Other impacts on the brain included increased permeability of the blood-brain barrier to potentially harmful substances, which was observed in several experiments on animals exposed to mobile telephone fields.Not only that, but the ECOLOG report also found indications for disruptions to the endocrine and immune systems. Stress reactions were reported, showing up in an increased production of stress hormones and a reduction of the concentration of the hormone melatonin in the blood of exposed animals and humans.  Melatonin has a key control function in the hormone system as well as in diurnal biological rhythms – it is also known to inhibit the development of certain tumours.
A common observation in many of the studies was the importance of pulse modulation. Pulse modulated fields seemed to have a stronger effect than continuous fields and, in some cases, it was the pulse of a certain frequency which triggered the reaction, and the absence of pulse, or pulse of a different frequency, led to less significant effects or no effect at all.
This is a particularly important point because Smart Meters use pulsed modulated frequencies – and one measured recently pulsed over 190,000 times per day. Wi-fi based gadgets and routers also use pulsed radiation.
In conclusion, the ECOLOG report called for an immediate downward regulation of the power flux density that should be allowed by the guidelines, by a factor of 1,000. Despite these warnings, however, the UK’s “out of date” and “obsolete” standards continue to be used at levels which make no account for chronic exposures to sub-thermal radiation emissions which ECOLOG unequivocally reported as causing biological harm. If you are wondering why you are only just finding out about this study some 13 years after it was prepared by ECOLOG, one of the report’s authors has a view. According to Dr Peter Neitzke, a co-author of the eventual report, when T-Mobile realised that the research was going to produce potentially damaging results, the company commissioned three other studies which were more likely to show no danger from electromagnetic radiation. Dr Neitzke’s study was then only available in German until a copy was leaked to the Human Ecological Social Economic Project (HESE) Project in 2007, who subsequently had it translated.
We’re reporting it now because we think this is still very big news. Please share it with others. Our thanks for the efforts of the HESE Project. Read the Ecologist’s article here: “Mobile phone study covered up – The Ecologist“
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